Over the years HSS Sitarganj has not just been growing in structure and number but also in its stature and eminence.  What has taken precedence over mere statistics is quality and commitment, perhaps the driving force for placing it where it is today and yet aspiring to excel.


In a knowledge driven economy where the nation is aware that education should be its top priority with several reforms coming up at the primary and secondary level in recent times, we at HSS Sitarganj have earnestly labored to create an ambience ensuring parents that they get the right choice of education.

The steady and focused progress of the institution right from its inception, and this year's academic performance of the students at the secondary and higher secondary level itself is an ample testimony of the quality of education that is imparted from this centre of learning.  It is not just educating but educaring and thereby creating a hallowed atmosphere for the nurturing and nourishing of the innate abilities of the body and the mind that HSS Sitarganj stands out from the rest.  In the age of workable paradoxes, the stakeholders at HSS Sitarganj can vouch that it is a School that dares to learn and brings to its core purpose that energy of change, innovation and fresh approaches, melding these with time honoured and tested values, practices and attitudes.

You, I and all of us, I am sure, cherish being a part of creating children of tomorrow, without the rhetoric of yesterday.